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8.5.11 / This is it. One day left until this. It's been a long time coming (Not quite "Juggling Snakes" long, but you get the idea), and Tiny Lightning is upon us. We hope to see a lot of your faces tomorrow, it's going to be an amazing night. <3

7.12.11 / Working on promo stuff for our release show. About to get this thing mastered. Awesome stuff on the horizon.

6.30.11 / Hey friends! Did you miss us? Of course you did. Our friends at BestNewBands.com did a write up of our Silver Lake Jubilee set with videos here! And we just now posted a video of "Feed the Hungry" from that same set on youtube, so take a look. Oh, and if you've been keeping your eye on our shows page, you may have spotted a a little surprise... yes, an album release date! We're getting excited, and so should you!

5.4.11 / We just got confirmation that we will be playing the awesome, excellent Silver Lake Jubilee! We'll be kicking off the festivities on Sunday, May 22 at 1PM. You should come! It's gonna be great. And, if you ask us, those that are present that day seem like they would be excellent candidates for a little taste of our new album, which we'll have finished tracking by this time next week. Just saying.

4.19.11 / Welcome to our new website! A sleeker, more modern design, brought to you by the sweat and toil of Dominick and John. Take a look around! See the sights! Or something.

4.7.11 / Guess what? New site is in progress! In the meantime, check us out on the blog or on thee Twitter. And yes, Facebook. We recently live tweeted a recording/listening session of the NEW ALBUM in the studio. Also? We got awesome shows. Take a look over at the right, there's a Facebook link for the latest one now, the Hollywood Afterwalk event.

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3.16.11 / What up, John here! Sorry we've been short on the words here on the good ole' site; we've been hard at work. Thanks to all who came out the last few months to see us and the great bands we're glad to call friends (Masxs, Body Parts, LA Font, So Many Wizards to name a few). AND there's more to come! We're playing Serenade Sunset at El Cid on the 23rd. It's put on by the Silver Lake Jubilee crowd and we're stoked to be a part of it. PLUS, a preview of sorts of the new album is up on the blog, so check it! Here's to a great first two rounds of the NCAA tourney! See you Wednesday!

12.26.10 / Hey folks, hope you're all having wonderful and relaxing holidays. Just a quick update regarding what Kazai Rex has in store for January. We'll be hitting San Francisco on January 7th with our friends and local legends Thee Rock Wolfs and Th Mrcy Hot Sprngs for what should be a show of epic proportions. Five days later, we'll be joining LA Font as they headline the Silverlake Lounge for the very first time. And finally, our Pehrspace show on the 21st is simply not to be missed. We've put the whole evening together and invited LA's finest: The Body Parts, LA Font, and Masks. Seriously, what a lineup. And of course we will continue work on ALBUM2 (not actually what it's called), which we're shooting to have finished and pressed in time for our spring west coast tour, which we are currently setting up. Stay tuned!

11.5.10 / We just finished applying to SXSW! Everyone cross your fingers for us! Also, we have three live cuts of new tracks up on our Myspace, two of which came from our KXLU set. Check them out!

10.28.10 / Last night we were up until two in the morning on the streets of Culver City taking new press photos! Our good friend Dagmar Weaver-Madsen took some incredible pictures that we hope to be able to share with you very soon. To tide you over until then, we will simply tell you that our shoot incorporated crash mats, a dromedary, and way too much biting. Imagine what you will.

10.24.10 / We're waste deep in recording! We have fifteen tracks we're working on for the next album and Danny will be wrapping up his bass this week, which means next week Dominick will start his guitars. So far so good! Also, we're working on mastering the tracks we played live on KXLU and we hope to make those available to the public very soon. Check the Myspace for updates on those.

10.5.10 / Hey everybody, just a reminder that Kazai Rex will be playing a live set on KXLU today at 5PM! That's 88.9 for you Angelenos; for the rest, you can listen online. Just search "KXLU Los Angeles." It's gonna be awesome. And of course our Silverlake Lounge show is tomorrow! See you there!

8.9.10 / Hey folks. It's been a long time since we've talked, hasn't it? We're sorry about that. We keep meaning to call, but whenever we think of it we realize that it's two hours time difference where you are and you've probably already gone to bed. But anyhow, we've got plenty of news for you. We've got three shows in the next three weeks, all of which will be a blast. We recommend especially our Echo Curio show, as the lineup is mind-blowingly awesome and the venue is a gem in and of itself (read: BYOB). Is free wine followed by an early bedtime right up your alley? There's always our special acoustic, two-set Hotel Palomar show. Are you the type that lives in or near Long Beach? We've got something for you, too: our show at the Cellar on the 25th. Speaking of Long Beach, we found out recenly that "Trigger Button (Crazy) Girl" has gotten some radio play on KCTY Long Beach. And, apparently, "Home Away From Home" has been on at least one radio station (possibly more; no way to be sure) in Germany! What a trip.

5.17.10 / Thanks to everyone who came out to one of our shows this past week! We had a blast at all of them and we hope you enjoyed the new tracks we've been working on. In the month or so before our next show, we will continue to work on our next album. In fact, you'll be happy to know that just last week John and Danny recorded drums for three of the new tracks, and they sound great. Also, this morning we received some great news: Kazai Rex has gotten some legitimate radio play! Yes, that's right, last Saturday at 4PM "Home Away From Home" was played on WRAS Atlanta, Georgia. Awesome!

4.29.10 / May is almost here, and that means we've got shows aplenty coming up: May 2 we're making our Long Beach debut with the Long Holiday; May 10 we're playing with our friend Sebastian Bach and the excellent Latin Meds (with whom we had the honor to play at Spaceland); May 14 we've assembled a stellar lineup that includes the ever-incredible LA Font as well as promising bizarro-blues newcomers the Unfunky Folks; and May 15 we're heading back to Westwood for a Cystic Fibrosis benefit at Westwood Brewing Company. Not enough exciting news for you? Well then you should probably know that we spent all of last weekend in the studio, laying down the base tracks to the fifteen songs that will likely comprise our second full-length! Party. Bonus.

3.31.10 / We know it's short notice, but we're playing a show at Spaceland next Tuesday! This is big; we've had our eyes on this venue for a long time and we're super excited to get to play there. It's important to us that we put on a really great show, so we hope that you'll all come out and support us! The excellent LA Font will be playing with us; if you haven't seen them yet, they are great live. And it's free! Come!

3.7.10 / A big, wet thank you to everyone who came to see us last night at Club Good Hurt! We had an excellent time and it was a pleasure playing with the Deltaz. Check them out if you get the chance, they are awesome. Keep in mind we have two more shows coming up in the near future: one on March 15 with LA Font at the Airliner and the other on March 17 (St. Patrick's Day!) at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park. And, last but not least, our album is now available on iTunes and Amazon! Check the "Store" for links.

3.1.10 / Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Unknown Theater on Saturday for our album release show! We had an incredible time and the love and support you all showed was truly overwhelming. But the fun's not over, no sir, not by a long shot. In fact, this coming Saturday we have another show, this time at Club Good Hurt in West LA. Moreover this one is FREE if you follow these simple instructions: (1) Email your FULL NAME (that's first and last, folks) to us at kazairex(at)yahoo(dot)com by Saturday. (2) Drive/bike/ride/walk/fly/tunnel to Club Good Hurt on Saturday night and show your ID at the door. And like that, whammy, you're in for free. Also, we'll be selling copies of our new album and our new t-shirts for those of you who missed out last Saturday. Hope to see you there!

2.28.10 / Exciting news! Our new album, "Juggling Snakes," is now available online via CDBaby. Simply head over to CDBaby or follow the link through our website's "store" section and you can either download the album or order a physical copy.

2.3.10 / We are proud to inform you that our album release show is coming up! After an exhausting amount of work, we've secured the Unknown Theater for the night of Saturday, February 27th. We guarantee you, this is the show to see. Our friends and local musicians The Body Parts and Evil Wezil will be playing with us and several of our artist friends will be displaying works throughout the venue. Copies of our new album, "Juggling Snakes," will finally be available, and to commemorate the event they're going to be on sale for cheap and each one will come with a limited edition concert poster, designed by Brandon Chau. We're also going to have new, Mark Saul-designed t-shirts for sale. And finally, we can guarantee that you will be present for the debut of at least two new songs. We hope you'll all come out! We are beyond excited!

1.29.10 / Welcome to our new website! Our friend Elliott Kaplan has done an incredible job and provided you with all sorts of new things to explore. We have new audio content playable directly from the website, an updated and not-half-assed discography section, new photos, a band biography that's not from 2006, and bona-fide links to our working Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and YouTube pages. And, perhaps most awesomely, you can check out our new blog, "The Kazai Rex Paddock," where we'll post our podcasts, our most recent musical obsessions, and any special content we have on hand, whether it be new songs from the practice studio, one of our better jams, or live tracks/videos. If you head over there now, you'll find two new podcasts containing tracks Dominick and John's favorite albums of 2009. Enjoy!

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10.27.09 / We apologize for the prolonged silence, but it has not been a fruitless one. We've got a show coming up (November 5 in North Hollywood), we're a hair's breadth away from finishing the album, we have an album title, and we're working on a new website and an album release show. We're going to hit 2010 with a bang. Hope to see you next Thursday!

7.17.09 / We've got a big show coming up! Next Thursday we will be playing the Battle for Los Angeles, sponsored by Can of Jam, KROQ, and Tecate. It's at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood at 7:30. We've got a really great set planned and, because part of our score is based on the amount of people that come to see us, we need everyone to come out! So if you've been meaning to see us, or if you're bored on Thursday, or if you just plain love us, your presence will be truly appreciated. If we win, we go on to play in the final round the following Thursday. After that, fame and fortune will surely be just around the corner.

6.27.09 / We've confirmed the July 12 show! It's at the House of Blues in Hollywood, and it's only $5 if you print out our flyer and bring it. And it's on Sunday, so parking on Sunset is free. We're also working hard on the album and working on a few new songs!

6.17.09 / Just a quick update: We have two more shows scheduled! The first is sort of short notice--it's this Sunday at the Key Club in Hollywood, and should be a lot of fun. Then, on July 23, we're playing in KROQ's Battle for Los Angeles, sponsored also by Tecate and Can of Jam! Everyone that can come out and see us should, as part of our score (and whether or not we make it into the final round) is determined by how many people are there supporting us. We also have one more show in the works, probably for July 12, but we will let you know when we know for sure! Thanks for loving us! We love you!

6.6.09 / We've got quite a month coming up. To kick it off, our new podcast is up, this month curated by our own percussion/sleeping expert John Higgins. Then on June 12 is our show at the Good Hurt in Venice, which you can get into for free if you email your full name and email address to kazairex(at)yahoo(dot)com by June 11. We're going to have a long set and this venue is awesome so please come out!